[Evolution] Calendar scrolling in month view will only scroll an entire month at a time

My apologies if this question has been raised elsewhere, but I've
been unable to formulate a search that turns up any useful information
about it.

When using Calendar, if I put it in month view I can only look at one
month at a time.  Despite the deceptive scrollbar, scrolling causes
the calendar to jump an entire month at a time (i.e., I can not see the
last two weeks of Feb and the first two weeks of March).

I'm Using Evolution 2.12.3 on FreeBSD 6.3 built from FreeBSD ports.

So my first question is, do others see this same behaviour or is
this an "Evolution on FreeBSD" issue?

My second question, and the more relevant one: is there a setting
somewhere I can frob to make this behave?  I can't seem to find
anything in the preferences screen.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

wmoran collaborativefusion com
Phone: 412-422-3463x4023

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