[Evolution] Problem forwarding forwarded mail with images

I have encountered a problem for which I would like to know if there is
a work around. If not, is there a bug open on this?

When I receive mail in which someone has forwarded html formatted mail
that includes photos, and I attempt to forward that mail, only the text
will be sent in my outgoing mail, no images.

Sounds a bit strange but the sequence is like this:
  Bob sends Fred html e-mail with embedded images
  Fred forwards that mail to me, and I can view it just fine
  I forward that mail to Joe, and only the text is in the mail,
    images are not included.

This is not a problem with attachments, seems to be only a problem when
the mail that was forwarded to me has a block of html at the beginning
then multi-part jpg images that are base 64 encoded following that.

I did some searching and found one other report of this but no fixes. I
just had a couple friends start using Evolution and they both have
experienced the same thing.

I am using Evolution 2.12.1 on Ubuntu 7.10. (Seen also on earlier
Evolution version).

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