Re: [Evolution] Evolution pause issue related to esd?


I am using Evolution evolution-2.12.0-29.6 and
evolution-data-server-1.12.0-11.3 on SuSE 10.2.  I am getting
freezing for up to a couple of minutes.  I ran strace evolution and it
looks like some sort of network issue connecting to localhost possible
related to esd.  The logs is below.  Any suggestions?


Hi Murray,

I am working through that same problem in a Mandriva box, for a friend.

In the past this has been related to the definitions in /etc/hosts,
particularly local host.

Make sure that you include yourself in the list eg            localhost  murray.somewhere.home  murray

and make sure you hit ENTER at the end of that line before saving.

Also check your DNS settings.

If your router of modem does not support ipv6 you may be able to speed
things up in general by adding a line to your /etc/modprobe.conf file,

alias net-pf-10 off

YMMV in Suse, however.

Andrew Greig


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