[Evolution] GPG


i have some problems with evolution in combination with gpg. I use
evolution 2.12.3 from debian testing. Sending is done with pop and smtp.

If i send out encrypted mails, the mails get placed into the "send
items" in encrypted format. But they are encrypted with the public key
of the receiver. So i am not able to read my own sent items. If you
think that the mails in the send items have to be encrypted, then they
have to be encrypted with my public key.

If i always want to send encrypted mails to one receiver, i always have
to set the "encrypt with pgp"-flag on my own. It would be nice, if the
entrys in the adress book have a field "allways send mails encrypted
with [pgp|s/mime]".

My main contact for encrypted mails use thunderbird, sometimes on
windoze, sometimes on linux, but allways with the same configuration.
Around a third of all mails can't be viewed inline in evolution. First i
have to save the atachements to disk and read them from there. That is
realy ugly... Atachements like images never can be viewed inline.

Cause i'm not subcribed to this list, please cc me.

Thanks for reading and your work on this nice program!

Cheers, detlef

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