[Evolution] New Category not showing in Advanced Search

Hello Users, 

I am using Evolution 2.24.2 with Fedora 10. My question today is about
the advanced search feature used to search contacts. 

Note: my contacts are stored on my OpenLdap directory.

I added some new categories and that do not show up in the drop down
list when using "advanced search".  
e.g. [category = contains ~  select a category].

They are visible when using other search & filtering methods. 

     1. Filter "Show" Category -the new categories are in the drop down
        list. The filter works.
     2. Search "Any Field" - the new categories can be searched.

I have restarted OpenLdap, Evo and database after adding new categories.
In addition , I double checked my Ldap contacts just to be sure the new
category is there for selected contact search. 

Is this a bug with the Evo's database server or the mail client?


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