Re: [Evolution] connect to localhost

On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 18:46 -0500, Carl Bernardi wrote:

I am trying to connect Evolution to my mail server that  runs on the
same computer.  I have tried connecting to locahost and the computer's
name but have had no luck making a connection.  Does anyone know how
this can be done.  I am using Courier email server and mail transfer

What does "no luck making a connection" mean? Nothing happens? You get
an error message? The connection takes place but there's no activity?
You get a TLS error? Is there anything in your local logs
(/var/log/messages usually)?

Are you sure Courier is correctly set up? Can you use it from other
machines? How about other clients on the same machine (e.g.
Thunderbird)? Are you running a local firewall, and if so does it have
the correct ports open (this matters even when it's the same machine)?


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