Re: [Evolution] Mail Notification and PulseAudio

for sound notification Evolution's Mail Notification plugin uses
gnome_sound_init ("localhost"); and gdk_beep (); for beeping or
gnome_sound_play (file); for files. When you get setup gnome_sound to
use your PulseAudio, then that should work as you want to.

Thanks, that clears it up.  So, since it uses gnome_sound_play, and
since that comes from libgnome-2.22.0, which only has an option(support)
for --enable-esd, then I'm assuming that there is currently no direct
support for PulseAudio.  However, since PulseAudio does have the
esdcompat feature, then it should be working....but since it isn't, it
sounds (pun intended) like there is something wrong with PulseAudio, so
I'll head over to that mailing list.

Thanks again,

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