Re: [Evolution] NTLM authentication and exchange

Hi all,

ok - i think the changes as documented in the Changelog of libsoup made the thing work!
After re-compilation from svn evo 2.12 (2.11.92 :-) ) works nicely w/ exchange using NTLM.
So i think the thanks need to go to Dan Winship!


On Sun, 2007-09-23 at 01:17 +0200, Holger Goetz wrote:
Hi all,

could someone confirm that svn thunk does or does not use NTLM for evolution-exchange connections?

In all tests i've done using evolution and exchange-connector-setup.2.12 using E2K_debug=5 i see that authentication is tried only once - getting a 401 and then it stops saying "invalid pw or user name". evolution's debug out puton the console is always saying exchange://BASE myserver

A installed and running evo 2.10.3 (debian unstable) uses NTLM and does a second connect to authenticate after receiving the 401 and that always works.

BTW: using "curl" and the same uri and NTML authentication the logon to the Exchange server OWA never fails.

Is there a way to force the connection to NTML?

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