Re: [Evolution] [Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE: Evolution 2.10.0, Evolution-Data-Server 1.10.0, GtkHTML 3.14.0 and Evolution Exchange 2.10.0

neither the release-team nor the announce-list are interested in your
question. evolution-hackers is for code related questions only. thanks.

Am Dienstag, den 13.03.2007, 13:13 -0400 schrieb Reid Thompson:
Where can I find instructions for doing this?..
It was never so easy to subscribe to Public folders on your Exchange

have you already taken a look into the help file?
copy and paste says:
"Subscribe to Public Folders
You can subscribe to public folders available on the Exchange server.
Click Folder > Subscriptions.
Select the Exchange account.
Check the folders you want to scubscribe to.
Click OK.
The folders you have subscribed to appear in the folder list at the left.
To view contents of a folder, click it."


A: No.
Q: Should I put my reply above quoted text?

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