Re: [Evolution] Can Evolution connect to an Exchange server shared mailbox?

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 14:31 -0700, Robin Laing wrote:
Jules Colding wrote:

<yet another shameless nudge in the other direction>
Why don't you try Brutus? I've successfully run e-b while using several
Exchange mailboxes simultaneously. 
</yet another shameless nudge in the other direction>

I see that most of the people that are having issues with Evolution and 
Exchange (like myself) don't use Windows or are getting away from their 
Windows systems.  Where can I get this Brutus for Linux?

Er... you can't.  That's the whole point.  If you could, then why
wouldn't Evolution use that method instead of the much more dodgy OWA

The Brutus solution uses the same Windows DLLs as Outlook to access the
Exchange server; these libraries use a proprietary Windows protocol that
is not published by Microsoft, so no one knows what it is or how it

So, no implementation of it can be created on Linux [1].

[1] Unless someone reverse-engineered the protocol.  But this is a HUGE
undertaking and no one is interested enough in interoperating with
Exchange to do it for free.  Maybe someday someone will care enough to
pay $$ to have it done.

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