Re: [Evolution] feedback on Evolution 2.8.1 from a Thunderbird user

On Sun, 2007-03-25 at 00:36 +0530, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:
Hello Mark,

We are working on a shortcut editor for Evolution 2.12. It should solve
most of your issues.

Thanks, Srini!

Recently I posted the same WIP patch in the evolution list. I hope to
complete it fast.

WIP == "work in progress" ? 

Appreciate your patience and Thanks for using Evolution.

It's been an enjoyable experience. I keep finding more small features
and touches that I like. I think that's a good thing-- if everything
jumped out at me at once, the application might not feel so easy to

I look forward to trying 2.10 soon. 

I'll also soon be publishing a utility that uses a back door to add a
feature like Google calendar's "Quick Add", allowing natural language
expression of events. 

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