[Evolution] Timezone didn't change?

Something is weird.  I have my timezone set to America/New_York in
Evolution and on my system.  I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 with full updates,
with Evo 2.8.1.

After the timechange on Sunday, my entire system had the right time,
EXCEPT Evolution.  The little red line in the Calendar was 1 hour

I exited and restarted Evo, but that didn't help.  I logged out and back
in, and that didn't help.  I rebooted my system, and THAT didn't help.
My system clock and the clock on all apps I've checked is correct, but
Evo calendar still says it's quarter after 9am instead of quarter after

Is Evo using its own internal timezone calculations instead of the
system timezone for some utterly bizarre reason?  What could be causing

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