[Evolution] help? My appt's always start as all day events!


I'm running Evolution on FreeBSD-STABLE.  Everything's been
built from sources using the FreeBSD ports tree.

Whenever I try to add an appointment, the dialog box pops up
configured for an "All Day Event".  I can uncheck the box from the bar
full of icons or the options pull-down-menu and then it behaves like
an appointment.

It works this way for my account and in a completely clean account set
up to test this problem.

I've emailed with Joe Clarke, the FreeBSD Gnome coordinator, and he
said that he's never seen this problem and suggested that I talk to

I've googled, searched through the help, and dug around in the gnome
configuration db, and can't see why it might be acting this way.

Anyone know what's up?



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