Re: [Evolution] Unable to Send/Receive as User, Can as Root

Could you please check if you have:

File -> Work online

If so, choose that option and try again.

Best regards,
                                                João Miguel Neves

Sex, 2007-03-09 às 06:26 -0600, John Clements escreveu:
Last weekend, with my Fedora Core 5 Linux computer running Evolution
2.6.3, I was unable to Send/Receive.  That button was gray, all other
functions such as reply, new, etc worked.  I do have the same account
set up as root and that works.  I did delete the account as user and
re-enter information, same as on the root account.  I did check
permissions of .evolution and subdirectories in user and root and they
are either 755 or 777.  I've been using this user account for about a
year with no problems.  The only thing I see possibly is the mail set up
with POP to receive and SMTP to send, and authentication is via password
and when the user account was deleted and then re-entered, upon signing
on to the ISP, it did not ask for a password.

This is a mystery, any ideas?

John Clements
jclements grandecom net

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