Re: [Evolution] Message filters' problem

There are news on this topic. It seems that building the filter with a
leading space solves the problem.

The bugzilla link:


On 11/3/06, Doublas M2 <m2 doublas gmail com> wrote:
On 11/3/06, Patrick O'Callaghan <poc usb ve> wrote:
> My point is that "Subject starts with string" sounds like shorthand for
> a regular expression: "Search for ^string". I don't mean that you are
> specifying it that way, but that Evo might inadvertently be doing so
> internally. This is all speculation of course.

Now I got your idea but still think that it doesn't apply because I
suspect that internally every filter clause is translated into a
regular expression search so then every one of them would fail.

I think that your bug arises when you explicity insert a regular
expression in the search string of a mlist clause, but I have no clue
why it fails, I just repeat what I read before.

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