[Evolution] organization of mail by date

Hello everyone,
I am using evolution and am desperately interested in being able to get
my mailboxes organized according to date. But evolution does not seem to
do it. That is, in each mailbox one can elect to organize the mail by
"From", "Subject", or "Date". But if you select "Date", evolution has
its own very quirky way of organizing the mail. It is not simply done by
date. Evo first groups all the mail from a particular sender together,
and then organizes those by date. But the senders are not then organized
in straight date order. The result is that if you want to find a letter
and you remember WHEN you received it but do not remember the e-mail
address of the person who sent it, then you are in trouble. The letter
will be next to impossible to find.

I just want to be able to list ALL the letters according to the date
they arrived. The letters should simply be organized in date order--
without any attention given to WHO the letter came from. Is this not
possible in Evolution?

Many thanks,

P.S. And the same with my SENT box. I want it organized according to
date order. I do not want that a letter I just wrote should disappear
into the middle of the sent box, just because I wrote a letter to the
same individual a year prior and EVO organizes the letter to be next to
that other one from a year ago. --This makes it next to impossible to
find the letter I just wrote, unless I know the e-mail address of the
person I sent it to. In such a situation, what is the value of so-called
"date" order, when you cannot find a letter according to the date you
sent it???

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