Re: [Evolution] Evolution + free groupware

Hi All
Though "far" from what your really looking for I have found that this
works very well and isn't really a pain and gives me the functionality
that I require for my day2day business operations ---

Title: Accessing files through the WebDAV interface 

You would like to access informations for appointments, contacts and
files for 
use within external clients like, e.g. Evolution, Konqueror, Sunbird â
osv ...

You can access those informations, using the WebDAV interface of the 
Open-Xchange Server 5. Use the following URLs to access the data 

Documents - 


Network Places and adding a network place. When asked for your location,
specify the server address (e.g. ) and then access it
through the network places. 

This can then be used as a type SMB / NFS mount point


If you would like to delete appointments through the WebDAV interface, 
too, you have to append "?enabledelete=yes" to the above URL. 


I both the above cases just down load the respective file to i.e your
desktop and then import it.

As yet I haven't found a better way to sync OX and Evolution other than
deleting all entires

(open the calender, CTRL + A, right click, delete) then File, Import,
Single file, add the

webdav.vcard). Just updating give double entries.

There are many SyncML enabled phones (Ericsson P910 ...) that work more
or less out-of-the-box to sync via OX5 and via BlueTooth to the PC. I
have tested this on SUSE10.2 and SLED 10 and with a DELL Inspiron5150
and Belkin bluetooth USB stick.


On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 09:18 -0400, Mike Douglass wrote:
I'm not sure if it's quite what you have in mind but Evolution does have 
some CalDAV support which makes bedework and other CalDAV servers an option.

I believe Evolution CalDAV support has been stalled for some time now. 
I'm happy to work with anybody who wants to work on Evolution CalDAV

Eugen Wintersberger wrote:
Hi there
 In my last posting I asked whether Evolution works with the Citadel
groupware system or not. According to the answer I got it does not. 
So I have another question: Is there any free groupware which works with
Evolution (2.10.1)?

best regards 
 Eugen Wintersberger

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