[Evolution] Semi-phantom emails on exchange account


I've been using Evolution 2.10.1/Exchange on my Ubuntu Feisty laptop
quite successfully with my office Exchange/OWA account for several
months. Remote or in-office access to email has been flawless -- until
yesterday. I use mail-notification in the system tray to give me a
heads-up on mail waiting either in my local folder from my ISP or on the
server at the office. Yesterday, I noticed that mail-notification and
Evolution's folder view would signal new mail in the office folder. But
when I clicked on the folder to open it, the new mail failed to appear
in the summary window. Old mail was there. Or if I had previously
dragged the old mail to my "On This Computer" folder, the summary view
of the exchange folder would appear empty -- even though the folder view
still shows pending mail -- bold face and with a number. Since
yesterday, the only way to get new exchange mail to show up in the
summary window is to restart Evolution.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior, and if so, what's the fix?

With best regards,

Pete Spotts 
Peter N. Spotts | Science reporter
The Christian Science Monitor
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Email: pspotts alum mit edu | Amateur radio call: KC1JB
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