Re: [Evolution] Remove Junk vFolder

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 10:22 -0800, Caleb Walker wrote:
I have a few Linux computers and they connect to my Scalix server with
evolution.  I have a Junk folder for users to drop spam that was not
caught by Spamassassin on the server and I run a perl script to read
from that folder and run messages through sa-learn.  What I want to do
is get rid of that stupid Evolution Junk vFolder so that my users dont
see 2 Junk folders.  Seems that I should have the freedom to do that.
I have gone through every file and folder in ~/.evolution
and /usr/share/evolution and have removed every reference to that Junk
folder but it is still there.  Thanks for your response.

Instead, why don't you just make the Junk button on the user's evolution
feed the spam to sa-learn (on the mail server even, if that's where the
spam detection is going on)?  Then everything works (from a UI POV)
exactly the way it was designed and users would expect.

I think the Evo developers should make hooking up something other than
"sa-learn" to the Junk button much easier, but short of that, do what I
did and write a script that runs on the same machine(s) as evolution
runs machine, call it sa-learn and make sure it's in the PATH before any
real sa-learn.

That script can do whatever you want with the "to be learned" spam then.
Personally, I use ssh to run it through sa-learn on the mail server from
which it came.  And since I have multiple IMAP accounts, a single
sa-learn script needs to handle multiple e-mail servers.  Although it's
just now occurred to me, why don't I run every spam I want to "Junk"
through sa-learn on all of the servers I have a mail account on.  Hrm.


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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