[Evolution] Moving an email creates a duplicate in the trash folder (?!)

Could someone please confirm that I'm not losing my mind. I've
discovered that moving emails between folders in evolution creates
duplicates in the trash folder. Here's a recipe to reproduce the

Take one fresh evolution installation version 2.6.3 on a clean debian
etch (no .evolution or .gconf/apps/evolution folders), start evolution,
create a new folder (call it anything you like) to archive your emails
into, then move the "Getting started" welcome email into your archive
folder. Check the inbox to make sure the welcome email is no longer
there, check your archive folder to make sure that the welcome mail IS
there, now look in the trash folder. There's a duplicate of the welcome email.

Huh? Is this unique to my parallel universe, or can someone else
reproduce the same?

Thanks, Jaime

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