Re: [Evolution] signature, scripts: not parsed new line markers


On 1/15/07, Radoslaw Garbacz <rgarbacz aycan de> wrote:

 I have a problem with formatting a plain signature file when added to
the evolution via script.
 Is there a way to keep the original formatting?

 - I have no html options on
 - the signature is already shown in the preview without any new lines
 - the script simply "cut"s the file

"cut"s the file? I don't know what you are trying to do, but just a
small pointer here. The email message is rendered using gtkhtml, so
try to generate HTML output from your script. In this way, even if you
are using the same script to dump the signature to a plain text email,
gtkhtml would convert the HTML to plain text and render it correctly.

I can modify the file or the script to add/replace something - but I do
not know what characters/strings would force evolution to do what "\n"


I don't have sample script handy right now, but will share with you a
small script that I used to generate random sigs - using "fortune" and
similar programs - after getting back home.

Hope this helps.

ASCII ribbon campaign ( )            B S Srinidhi
 - against HTML email  X   
                   & vCards / \            Bangalore

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