Re: [Evolution] Status of WebDAV Support

In the need of WebDAV support to sync remote calendars with evolution I
encountered the problem that Evolution only supports read-only mode
web-resource calendars and CalDAV and lacks read/write support of WebDAV
resources. CalDAV does not work for me as I am using Apache with
mod_dav. I searched bugzilla and this mailing list for relevant
information and stumbled upon some stale or at least very old entries:

Furthermore there is an old and to the day unresolved bounty going on:

I'd like to know what the current state of afairs are. Is there
currently someone working on this? If not, perhaps this should be
considered for SoC?

In Evo 2.8 you can publish a local calendar using WebDAV - it basically just uploads an iCal file. The publishing is only semi-automatic in that the calendar is local (i.e. it is not a Web based calendar) and you can either publish it periodically or manually.


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