Re: [Evolution] multiple email accounts

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 06:58 -0700, Nicolas Bock wrote:
Hello list,

I have 2 email accounts set up in evolution. One is for work and the
other one is my private one. Because we have a firewall around work, I
can only access one account at any given time. Either the firewall
blocks the private email account when I am at work, or the firewall
prevents me from checking my work email when I am at home. When I go
online in evolution however, it tries to check both accounts which
obviously fails. But it takes evolution quite some time to figure this
out. Can I tell it to now check both accounts? Or can I take only one
account at a time online? Can I get evolution to check only one
account when I click on "Send/Receive"?

Preferences->Mail Accounts->Enable/Disable (tick box).

Of course what one really wants is a "location" setting, which would
also change the default SMTP host etc. depending on whether you're at
home or at the office. Something for the wish list.


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