[Evolution] Problems with TLS/SSL - missing port setting

thank you first for this great program. I have several Problems which
depends on a missing setting. I remember that it was possible in the
past to set the port for the outgoing mail server. So now I am using evo and there is no such setting. Searching through the internet
gives me no results. So here are the reasons why this is setting is
- when you drive TLS over an other port than 25
- when you want do have SSL on an other port than 465
- if the mailer listens on an other port than 25

So how to do this settings? Or is it deprecated to give the users the
possibility to set what is needed? I dont think that the users want to
be in an "i dont know what I do but it works..."-windows environment...

sorry for the hard words, but I like evo and dont want to switch. So
maybe there is an other way to set the ports?

greetings mario gzuk

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