Re: [Evolution] Remove Junk vFolder

I would much rather have the option to use it, disable it, or ignore it.  Using OSS I usually have that 
option and most of the time without having to edit source code and recompile.  When I am forced to use a 
certain feature because the company that wrote it thought it was better, I am usually dealing with Microsoft. 
 I try not to use Microsoft unless I have to.
So, is there a way to do what I want and disable and remove it or not?  If not I will be on the look out for 
a different product, perhaps the Kmail products.  Thank you.

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On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 20:12 +1100, Darryl wrote:
Can you undo that easily?


 I like the separate folder idea better because
if you accidentally drop a non-spam in there it's easy to just move it 
out again.

That is what the "Not Junk" button is for.

Another benefit of the Junk vFolder is that even if you have server marking of spam, you can use incoming 
filters on the Evo box to file spam into the Junk vFolder that you don't throw away (i.e. it's in a defined 
"grey area") so users have access to things marked as spam that might just not be spam.  They can then 
retrieve them and Not Junk them to teach your baysian system what's not spam.


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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