Re: [Evolution] email disappears from INBOX - shows in web interface though.

My whole inbox disappeared this morning.  all three months of it.

I copied aside ~/.evolution, restarted evolution and it was back.  Dunno
for how long though ...  been only an hour since I did that.  I also did
an apt-get upgrade on evolution and evolution-exchange, new versions got
installed but they have the same version number (according to "help -
about").  Maybe new packaging of same upstream?

Don't have more time than that to look into it.


On Fri, 2007-12-21 at 12:41 -0500, Dave E wrote:
I'm using Evolution 2.10.3 on Fedora 7 using exchange-connector for my
exchange email account.

There is one person who sends me email and Evolution will show the
message when it first downloads the  message from the exchange server.
Then the email will disappear from the inbox. 

I've checked my filters and none of them would do anything with these

I can't find it in any of my email folders.

If I log into the web interface for our excange accounts (via I can see these emails still in the inbox
where Evolution first showed them.

I can find the message cached (I guess) in

If I remove the ~/.evolution/mail/exchange/[account] folder and then
restart evolution, the messages will show, but then will shortly
disappear from the inbox. 

I've attached a copy of one of these messages removing any personal
email information.

* Oh, the one time I did see a message stay was when it was a meeting
invitation - not like a normal email.

I really hope someone can offers some insight into this issue. I
really, really want to use Evolution instead of Outlook. It's nearly
perfect for the exception of this and a few other things. The others I
can get by with, but this one is a deal-breaker because I constantly
have to stop using Evolution and log into the web interface to look
for these emails. I can't even find them by searching through

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