[Evolution] Using FreeLDAP.org

I am having trouble using the LDAP service from FreeLDAP.org with SSL
or TLS. I wanted to see if some people can test it out and see if they
can reproduce the problem before I open some bugs.

I start evolution, setup the FreeLDAP.org account, then select port
389, no encryption. I can search and edit contacts, no problem.
However, if I change to TLS (over port 389). Restart evolution, the
connection to LDAP fails.

I then change to port 636 (SSL), it still fails, even after killing of
all evolution background processes.

I am wondering if this is a bug in Evolution or some incompatible LDAP
server on FreeLDAP.org.


PS: Some people are saying it could be a self signed cert, but the
LDAP server on FreeLDAP.org is a CA signed cert.

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