Re: [Evolution] message filters not working

If you kill all processes, then
 rm -rf ~/.evolution/exchange ~/.evolution/mail/exchange 
the filters will work for that next invocation of evolution, or most of
that session anyway. I finally just started highlighting all messages
and typing ctrl-y which manually runs the filters.
You will never get any real answer or help as to why this is, at least I
have not seen anybody answer with a fix in the last 2 months of
monitoring this list.

Todd (who is sadly using his outlook client under VMware again)

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Subject: [Evolution] message filters not working

2.12.2 on Fedora 8 against Exchange

All message filters defined are failing to act.  I've tried removing and
recreating the filters, no luck.  

I've run in the foreground and with --debug on, no messages relevant.  

I'm stumped.  The filters worked properly in Fedora 7's version.  

Any ideas?  
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