[Evolution] migration to another computer

I upgraded (Fedora 7 => 8), and I'm having a problem restoring the email.

Before the upgrade, I checked out how to migrate Evolution's emails (on go-evolution.org/FAQ). In the section: "How can I transfer all my Evolution data between computers/to a new partition/to a new computer?", there is a part that I don't understand:

"On the new computer, make sure you are not running gconf (by ps ax | grep gconf for example; you normally have to leave gnome for that and then run gconftool-2 --shutdown). Then import those settings by running gconftool-2 --load some-file.xml and log in to gnome again."

How do i 'leave gnome'?

I *thought* that I accomplished this procedure - however, when I started up Evolution, none of the email was there.

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