Re: [Evolution] accentued caracters : does evolution respect standards of web ?

On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 21:30 +0100, hulin wrote:
I use evolution on Debian testing and I'm subscribed at a national
mailinglist (for professionals of libraries) that use sympa mailing list
server ( However, I can't read the subject of that
mailing list, because evolution use the bad encodage to show headings.

I checked that evolution use the ISO-8859-1 (accentued caracters for
Ouest Europe)
in preferences menu / edition and view messages. Curiously, the
subject is unreadable in the list frame, but not in view message frame.

By example, when the unreadable subject give in the blue/grey frame :
Sujet: March=?ISO-8859-1?B?6SA=?=- Ville de Betton

this is incorrect encoding, and Evolution correctly leaves it alone.  an
encoded word (e.g. "=?charset?Q?some_data?=") can ONLY be used in the
position of a single atom in the grammar.  to put it simply, there needs
to be a space character before and after it.

I wrote at the evolution mailing list about this problem, but I had
noone answer. So, I wrote at the list administrators. They forwarded my
message to sympa administrators. According to them, the problem is not
from sympa, but evolution. In fact, thunderbird and claws-mail can
perfectly show headings of this mailing list.

yes, it is unfortunate that Thunderbird ignores the standard (RFC 2047).
it also gets the related RFC 2231 wrong (encoding of filenames in
attachments), so it's safe to say that Thunderbird developers are much
less interested in complying with Internet standards than Evolution's.

Then :
- the heading of the heading of provided message is perfectly valid from
point of view of the RFC 2047 (encoding of the characters of the

as I said, this is incorrect, assuming that you provided an accurate
copy of the header.

best wishes,
Kjetil T.

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