Re: [Evolution] Strange sync behaviour in Evo.

Le samedi 25 août 2007 à 23:03 +1000, andrewlgreig netscape net a
écrit :
On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 11:38 +0200, Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le jeudi 23 août 2007 à 01:56 +1000, andrewlgreig netscape net a écrit :
I am unable to sync my Palm device with Evo, because when I activate
gpilotd I get a warning which continues to add to itself.  There is no
text visible in the warning and I have attached a screenshot which shows
that it is up to its 25th iteration.  I have loaded evolution-debug into
my system but will it pick up this problem.  What would you like me to
do so that you can obtain the best info on this problem?

System is P3 866MHz 512 RAM Mandriva 2007 Spring (2007.1)

I noticed recently gnome-pilot package in Mandriva 2007 Spring didn't
have hal support enabling, causing strange detection problems.

Could you try installing test package gnome-pilot 2.0.15-2mdv2007.1
which should be available on mirrors today in 2007.1/main/testing
repository ?

PS : pilot bug like this one should probably be better answered on
gnome-pilot mailing list.


Merci beaucoup, merci, merci.
Thank you thankyou.
I pulled the file off the mirrors today, and loaded it.  I tried a few
things and then a message popped up suggesting that I was trying to sync
the old way using /dev/pilot and the visor module was not loaded.
Perhaps I needed to use usb: instead. Well I tried usb: and usb:0 and
usb:1 but no good.  So I ran #modprobe visor, switched the port
to /dev/pilot and tried again.  Still no good, so I fired up jpilot, and
it work on /dev/pilot.  So then I performed $ evolution --force-shutdown
and restarted evo. Checked my Synch options and voila, it all worked.

I suppose that the dynamic visor script did not create the /dev/pilot
because there wa no visor module loaded.  There was the other day, but
that was another day.

Since Mandriva 2007.0, we have switched from the old "visor" module to a
module-less way (using libusb) to communicate with Palm PDA. Which is
why there is no /dev/pilot and it is normal. It is even documented in
2007.0 release notes :

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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