Re: [Evolution] Problem reconfiguring Ximian connector


  Please remove and add the account. To reset the account:

1) In Evolution, select Edit -> Preferences.  Select the Exchange
account in the "Evolution Preferences" dialog and click "Delete".
(Before deleting your account, you might want to write down your account
settings for reference in step 4.)

2) From the main menu, select Applications -> Configuration Editor.
Navigate to /apps/evolution/calendar and look for an entry called
"sources".  Right click on the "sources" entry and select "Edit Key...".

3) Unfortunately the "source" entry contains XML, which GConf is not
well suited for.  The "Edit Key" dialog will present a list of XML
entries. Locate the entry that corresponds to the Exchange calendar,
select it and click "Remove".  (To find the right entry, look for either
the name of the Exchange calendar as displayed in Evolution, or for the
string base_uri="exchange://".)

4) Close the Configuration Editor and go back to the "Evolution
Preferences" dialog.  Click "Add" and follow the steps for setting up
the same Exchange account as before.  Completing this process will cause
Evolution to create a new Exchange calendar to correspond with the new

5) Check whether the new calendar is displayed.

On Tue, 2007-07-31 at 08:53 -0400, David Brown wrote:
I recently had to reconfigure my exchange settings.  When I did, I
could reach my email, but it won't let me use the calendaring on my
new server settings.  It appears to want to use the old server
settings for calendar, but new server settings for email.  I'm using
CentOS 4.

[root localhost ~]# yum list | grep evolution
evolution.i386                           2.0.2-35.0.4.el4
evolution-connector.i386                 2.0.2-10.rhel4.1
evolution-data-server.i386               1.0.2-14.el4
evolution-webcal.i386                    1.0.10-3
evolution-data-server-devel.i386         1.0.2-14.el4           base
evolution-devel.i386                     2.0.2-35.0.4.el4       update

Is there a way to clear out the calendaring properties in the
connector separate from the the webmail part?

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