Re: [Evolution] Filters not moving messages

On 4/19/07, Patrick O'Callaghan <poc usb ve> wrote:
I have a set of filters for refiling incoming messages, mostly to do
with mailing lists such as this one. Since I installed Evo 2.10.0 (under
Fedora Core 6) these filters have taken to copying the messages instead
of moving them.

I have a filter log set up, which shows the correct rules being fired
and the correct actions apparently taken, but while the messages appear
in their destination folders, they also continue to appear in Inbox (and
are not marked for deletion).

Anyone else seen this?


I'm still on FC6 & Evo 2.8.3 (both updated with yum to last release)
and don't see that problem. I'd suspect of Evo.


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