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On 4/6/07, Lukas Hejtmanek <xhejtman mail muni cz> wrote:

is it possible to use gvim as an external editor for the latest evolution?
I dislike external editor in the way that there is legacy composer window that
runs another window with (g)vim. I would prefer only one window (either pure
gvim or composer with vim integrated). Is it something like this in short term
road map?

A long time back (when evo 1.4.x was active) somebody was maintaining
a patch that used to allow evo to use an external editor - vim bonobo.
I don't know if its still maintained.

But I felt that it was a bit difficult to use vim with Evo - though
vim is my favorite editor and one of the tools I can't live without.
One of the main problems I faced was when evo used to crash and upon
restarting it and recovering any incomplete message, the message used
to open as a readonly file.

I too would love to see vim integrated into Evo. :)

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