[Evolution] Evolution refuses to display new messages in the list.


I'm using evolution 2.6.3 with exchange 2.6.3 (freerock gnome) and am trying to figure out this very strange behaviour:

When a new arrives for me, the folder list pane (sidebar) indicates that a new mail has arrived (ie " Inbox (6)"). But the new mails do not appear in the right-side pane (summary list). In order for them to show up on the right side, I have to restart evolution. This is very annoying and verges on being unusable.

Here is what I have tried so far:

-Made sure none of the "Hide" options are ticked in the View menu.
-Deleted ~/.evolution folder and re-initialized.
-Added a new user to the system and ran evolution under the new user (trying to make a fresh start)

None of this has worked so far.

Any ideas?



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