Re: [Evolution] Exchange-like Server ?

See Hula, Sun's jesc, opengroupware, and phpgroupware. 

El lun, 30-10-2006 a las 13:21 -0700, matt escribiÃ:
Hi all,

I've been looking for documentation that outlines if Evolution has an
"exchange-like" server that can be used to share calendars and the like,
on both Linux and Windows machines.  I would like to use the
functionality that Evolution provides, using there own server, if one
exists.  The information that I've found up to this point details the
advantages of using an MS Exchange server, but I'm not really set up to
do that at this point.  I've seen the EDS, but I can't find any
documentation that tells me if it can be used in a cross-platform
environment, and if so, how to set it up.

Any pointers, tutorials, examples, or other documentation on the subject
would be great.  

Thanks a million, and have a Fantastic day!


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