Re: [Evolution] Information on memory usage

Check out the bug I submitted this problem last
week. Add anything you have to it. Hopefully the problem will be found.


--- Dominik Sandjaja <Dominik dadadom de> wrote:


I use evolution 2.8.0 from Fedora Core 6 (same happened w/ 2.6 on FC5)
and after a while (less than four hours evolution-uptime) the line from
top looks like this:
4021 621m  129m 15m 26.6    3:09.76  evolution
Well, this seems to be quite much. If it's a regular usage, you can stop
reading now, if it actually is too much, read on.
So, I like to "investigate" that problem a little further using
valgrind. Now I do have several questions regarding that:
- Do I need the evolution-debuginfo package?
- How do I see, if evolution is using much memory when starting it from
valgrind: Is the memory usage of "memcheck" a good indicator?
- Which options should I pass on to valgrind on the command line? On
their website, only --leak-check=yes is mentioned

As using valgrind with a program does not really result in a nicely
responding GUI, I like to limit the profiler usage to as few times as

Thanks for any help and thanks for the great product!


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