Re: [Evolution] Too Many Open Files

On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 13:28 +1000, David Zuccaro wrote:
Each time I start evolution I get the following error:

Error while Storing folder 'Storage/Linux/debian-user'.

Cannot create folder lock
on /home/dz/.evolution/mail/local/Storage.sbd/Linux.sbd/debian-user: Too
many open files.

I have created many different storage folders for email from the
different people that I receive email from and this has built up over
the past three years I have been using this great product.

Sometimes evolution does not close down properly. It just hangs.

How can I rectify this problem?

Hi David,

The "too many open files" problem was fixed in Evolution 2.9.1.

If your Linux distribution does not yet provide this, you can also try
increasing the number of files your system allows you to have open
before starting Evolution.  But this is a temporary solution, and
requires the root password.

   # su -c "ulimit -n <some-really-big-number>; evolution"

Matthew Barnes

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