Re: [Evolution] Delete POP mail?

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 16:56 -0500, Dr. Lawrence M. Fox wrote:
Is it possible to get Evolution to delete mail from my POP server when
I have deleted/moved it from my Inbox? 
I have 3 computers, and would like *important* mail on any/all. but I
would like the mail that I just read and delete not to show up on the
other machines.

Pop is an offline protocol, hence watever happens to the mails after
they have been downloaded is not synced back to the server. Hence 
deleting/ moving them locally should not be conveyed back to the server.

Having said that there are a few work around's, Some time ago i
committed a fix to allow all mails older than x days to be deleted
automatically off the server. I think its present in the 2.8 series.

Ofcoure you could just un-tick the option in configuration "Receiving
Options" which reads "Leave messages on server", unticking this would
delete messages as soon as they have been downloaded.

Hope that helps.


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