Re: [Evolution] Evolution is using total CPU and Ram

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 19:40 -0700, wade wadesmart com wrote:
10132006 2138 GMT-6

I got some help on breaking up this file into 20mg chucks. I found the
 email that caused this problem and erased those lines. I did this in
 the sent and inbox files. After putting the files back together
 Evolution crashes repeatedly. 

Since this is really costing me time, I would like to know, if I move
 the entire evoltion folder to another location and then start
 evolution, will it start likes its brand new again? Then I could
 import everything except the inbox and sent files. 


As far as I know, renaming the folder will cause Evolution to start as
new. Make sure you do "evolution --force-shutdown" in a terminal session
before moving anything.


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