Re: [Evolution] No Beep, No Copy

hi john,

On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 13:54 -0500, John Abbott wrote:
I am using Evo 2.6.0 with SLED 10 <regression? from Open 10.1>   and I
have more tweaks in this supposed stable version than the Open SuSE
10.1 version. 

  1. The beep on new mail does not function
  2. moving to play this sound on arrival does not work - except when
I move the mail from the inbox to a folder on some computers

"edit > preferences > mail preferences > general > new mail notification
beep when new mail arrives" is enabled?

  3. If I send mail and almost immediately shut down the program

we need a stacktrace to find out what's wrong here, normally "bug-buddy"
should come up if evolution crashes and would get a stacktrace for you.
if it doesn't, please open a terminal window, start evolution by running
"gdb /opt/gnome/bin/evolution", type "run" and hit the enter key. after
evolution has crashed, type "thread apply all bt" to get the stacktrace
and post it here or to a new bug report at .
after that, you can quit gdb by entering "quit" and hitting the enter
key. however, i assume that this bug is a known issue and already fixed
in evolution 2.8.x, anyway... :-)

  4. highlight, copy and paste into a new window does not work

too vague to reproduce, can you please elaborate a bit? from which
window to which window? did you close the window you have copied from
before pasting? does this happen within evolution or do you copy or
paste to/from another application?


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