[Evolution] Evo 2.8, new IMAP code & new vertical split-view


I have installed Evo 2.8 on my desktop and laptop (debian & ubuntu)
since a few days, and I have a quick comments to do:

- on the desktop (big 24" screen) the vertical split-view is really
better. I don't use the 2-lines-per-message presentation, but otherwise
this (long-awaited) change is really welcome.

- on the laptop, the IMAP code has never been particularly good but in
2.6 it was really awful to the point of being unusable: Evo was
constantly refreshing its IMAP folders. In 2.8 it works well and I'm not
forced to use the webmail anymore.

There are still little weirdnesses in 2.8 (e.g. no more selected message
after pressing DEL) but overall I like it. Thanks a lot guys !


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