[Evolution] FW: Win32 Evolution 2.8 Issue

1) Thanks, where do you get these packages?
2) Where do you install them, is it a win32 executable?

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Am Donnerstag, den 16.11.2006, 15:35 -0400 schrieb Sawler, Blair T.:
3) How do I install a dictionary? Can I use the OpenOffice.org

well, at least here is my answer for *linux*, hope this helps a bit:

Make sure you have "gnome-spell" >= 1.0.5, "aspell" and
"aspell-XX" (where "XX" is your locale, for example "aspell-en" for US
English or "aspell-en-uk" for British English) installed, depending on
our distribution package system. Evolution does not use "myspell" or the
OpenOffice.org dictionaries.
Then go to "Edit | Preferences | Composer Preferences | Spell Checking",
and enable the available languages.
You can also check gnome-enabled dictionaries by using "gconf-editor".
The GConf key "/GNOME/Spell/language" should contain a space-separated
list of the languages you have enabled (i.e. "en-US es" for US english
and Spanish).
Also note that "aspell-0.6*" application is not compatible with
"aspell-0.5*" dictionaries.  Either upgrade your aspell dictionaries or
downgrade your aspell application, and the problem should go away.

this is all that i know. :-)


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