Re: [Evolution] Google import of Evolution iCal export

Hi Saikat,
        As borup has mentioned, the VTIMEZONE component should be present.
AFAIK the timezone component is added only if its not present as part in
ical library . How are
you exporting it, just copying the calendar.ics file from ~/.evolution
or publishing the data somewhere in the web ? Please file a bug in providing the information and assign it to
pchenthill novell com 

thanks, Chenthill.
On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 12:00 -0400, Saikat Guha wrote:

Google calendar ( doesn't seem to like Evolution
iCal files; I am trying to track down whether it is a problem with
Google's import, or evolution's export.

Looking at the differences between iCal files that Google is happy with,
and the iCal file generated by Evolution 2.6, the main difference seems
like Evolution generates timezone labels on start and end dates as


while Google uses GMT labels:


I suspect Google doesn't recognize the TZID inserted by Evolution. If I
interpreted the iCal RFC correctly, it would seem that the VTIMEZONE
stanza in the iCal file is used to bind the symbolic name used to a
timezone definition; this stanza is missing in the exported file. I
couldn't find any default behavior in the RFC for a user agent that
doesn't understand the TZID symbolic name lacking a matching VTIMEZONE

Is the problem of Google being unable to import Evolution files a
problem with Google's parser, or Evolution's export?

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