Re: [Evolution] Shortcut key for "insert attachment" changed 2.4->2.6


Am Montag, den 26.06.2006, 22:21 -0700 schrieb Ow Mun Heng:
Now, Whose's bright idea (said with glee!) is it that decided to change
the Shortcut key for Evolution's Insert->Attachment from Ctrl-Alt-A to

mine. well, i proposed control+h, but anyway. :-)

Why was this changed, btw?

because the shortcuts were a huge mess with many conflicts in 2.4, see:

(I also noticed that there's no more usage of the "alt" key in any of
the shortcut keys)

correct. "Do not use Alt-key combinations for shortcut keys, as these
may conflict with window manager or menu access keys." as stated by

hopes this clarifies it.


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