Re: [Evolution] Evo die with excessive disk activity

On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 15:30 +0100, Al Active wrote:
Once or twice a week my Evo 2.4 2.4.0 (evolution --version; in SuSE 10.0
purchased boxed version with regular YOU updates to date) slows down the
complete system to almost standstill with very high disk access. Only
with Ctrl-Alt-F2 -> ps -A -> kill PID(evolution-2.4) does the system
come to life again. I can start evo again (takes quite a long time to
come up), but have then to close properly again to have a few days of
peaceful work (experience showed it was stable for a while longer after
a proper close-down).
Any ideas what Evo does when it goes in the tight spin? How can it be
prevented or solved?

Looks like your memory runs out, either caused by evolution or something
else. Strace might be your friend here. If it says brk(...) or sbrk(...)
or mmap(...) repeatedly, then probably evolution is at fault.

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