Re: [Evolution] restoring an addressbook

Yup.  I've been popping in and out of the list for a while.  Usually, I
try to use gmane.

Anyway, on the subject of resetting evo when it gets perplexed:

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 23:24 +0100, guenther wrote:
Cc'ing Dan, since he obviously is not subscribed.

Is there any way I can import
/.evolution-2005-12-12/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db into the
~/.evolution I've been forced to move onto?

Yes. Here are the generic recovery steps (Evo 2.4):

a) Have a look at your ~/.evolution/addressbook/local/ dir.
b) Create a new Address Book named "import" using Evo.
   Close Evo.
c) Have a look at that dir again. There now is a new dir.
   We're going to use this new dir.
d) Run this command:
   $ evolution --force-shutdown
e) Now run this command:
   $ ps axw | grep evolution-data
   And use the 'kill' command to kill this process.
f) Inside that new dir, there is an "addressbook.db" file. Copy your old
   (backed up) addressbook.db file there, overwriting the file in the
   new dir.
g) Do steps d) and e) again, as Evo can be respawned by numerous other

When starting Evo the next time, you should have your old Contacts back,
stored in the "import" Address Book.

Note: If there are *NO* Contacts in the default "Personal" Address Book,
you can directly use the system/ dir (see step a), rather than a new
one. However, it always is safe to use a new one.

Note: If you are using Evo 2.2, the above steps work as well. You just
don't need the fugly step e) at all.

IIRC using hacks like the steps mentioned successfully recreated
addressbook.db files by Evo versions at least down to Evo 1.4.

Additional note: Do NOT make me explain the use of 'ps | grep' and
'kill' on a *user* mailing list. See bug #323115. [1]



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