Re: [Evolution] Evolution + GW7

hi James,

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 20:49 -0600, James Richardson wrote:
Is anyone successfully using Evolution 2.4 with a Groupwise 7 server?

Yes. Evolution 2.4 with GroupWise 7 has been internally deployed in
Novell and has been in use for nearly 4 months now. This has also been
rigorously QA tested.

I'm using Evolution 2.4.0 with SuSE 10 and have found a lot of
instablity/crashes and a lot of things that "just don't work".

The right pairing of the GW7 server and the Evolution versions is
crucial since critical fixes have been made on both sides.
I strongly recommend you to upgrade to Evolution 2.4.2 which has a huge
number of issues fixed on top of Evolution 2.4.0.

Is it even worth my time trying to get? I love Evolution as a client and
would rather use it than switching to the Groupwise client.... if I can
get it to work.
Evolution 2.5.x is also being used against GW7 by many (with more
favorable results than Evolution 2.4.x), though it is still not
officially endorsed. Mail me if you would like to pick up 2.5.x rpms on


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