[Evolution] Exchange Global Access List access - Evolution Config


   I am planning to switch my office PC to Linux soon. In my company, they
use Exchange, and they support Outlook Web Access (OWA).

   I could easily figure out how to to configure Evolution to access my
corporate Email/Calendar & such, and it works really great.

   Now in order to migrate my PC I also need to learn set up Evolution to
search in the corporate directory. I have been playing (and reading) with
the GAL configuration with no success.

   I have no clue how to setup it up. Of course I can't get support from my
company's help desk for this. Can someone send me some suggestions in what
to try for the GAL setup?

   For OWL (works over the internet), they use:
   For Global Catalog Server Name I tried:
https://owator.mycompanyname.com/gal/   and similar, with no luck.

    What I know is that in my PDA with WIndows ME and internet connectivity,
I configured outlook with just the OWA URL, and it can access the corporate
directory with no problems. This tells me that GAL should somehow work with
Evolution too, I think.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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