Re: [Evolution] auto crash


Am Dienstag, den 25.04.2006, 01:42 +0000 schrieb Dongdong Shao:
I just started using debian, and installed evolution to receive email from 
the university exchange server. The problem is when I startup evolution, it 
will automatically hang, the status bar in the bottom displays formatting 
message and retrieving message, and seems like it won't stop, so each time 
I have to force quit. But if I startup from the calendar mode in the 
console, this crash won't happen, but later when I click mail, it occurs 
again. I haven't configured my exchange account yet, so there is only one 
welcome message from the evoluion team as I can see, don't know what 
happened and how to fix it, any idea? 
By the way, I am using debian etch, and the evolution is version

please try to start Evolution with a glib specific environment variable

  $ G_SLICE=always-malloc evolution

for more information, see


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